East London

Thanks to Sophie Hope for taking the book along to contribute to the debate ‘EAST LONDON – A CREATIVE BUSINESS’  looking at what does the creative economy means and how  it connect with arts, culture and creativity? Who and what … Continue reading

The book has come together through long-term work, public events and exchange of ideas on the fringes of the Olympic site, and its aim is to continue as a catalyst for debate and collaboration. Details of upcoming events below. See also ‘Past Events’.

The Scam of Scams? Assessing the Legacies of the London Olympics

THE COLLOQUIUM FOR UNPOPULAR CULTURE presents: ISAAC MARRERO-GUILLAMÓN and ETHEL BROOKS, THE SCAM OF SCAMS? – ASSESSING THE LEGACIES OF THE LONDON OLYMPICS WHEN: Monday 19 November 2012, 12:30-1:50pm WHERE: New York University, Room 471, 20 Cooper Square [East 5th … Continue reading